Quality Control

About Allvig

Allvig Technology GmbH developed industrial contactless quality control systems to provide automatic quality control for packaging sector, metal goods producers, automotive and other industries, requiring surface analysis, print inspection, position control, measurement, and completeness check.

Our vision is to provide industrial producers with the first-class, reliable and affordable quality control systems.

Created as universal serial products, the Allvig systems are priced significantly below individually tailored systems; however, the flexibility of its design offers our clients a variety of customized services and solutions. Providing our customers with the high quality services at the lowest possible cost makes Allvig systems extremely competitive.

Our competence is based upon 29 years of experience in automatic industrial quality control. Extensive communication with manufactures and detailed feedback from them give us first-hand knowledge of their needs, expectations and concerns.

We are committed to continuous improvement and innovation of high tech strategies and solutions, the smart industry of the future. We help you with all of your automatic quality control needs in production processes.